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Полиуретановая пена для распыления плотностью 60 кг/м3

TECNOFOAM G-2060 polyurethane system for thermal insulation, is specifically formulated to apply foam with
applied density around (±52~62 kg/m³). Its application has to be done by the specific spray equipment.

TECNOFOAM G-2060 Технические характеристики TECNOFOAM G-2060 (.pdf)


  • The polyurethane foam system TECNOFOAM G-2060 can be used in these situations:
  • It’s specifically designed for thermal insulation in construction, industrial, farming or agricultural facilities.
  • In applications where flat roofs, interior floors and installations with floor heating system, all those with high compression needs on the surface.(including vehicular traffic)
  • It is specially designed to be coated with TECNOCOAT P-2049, without the appearance of bubbles, "pinholes" or other pathologies.