TECNOCOAT offers specific coatings for armour plating, with a thickness of approximately 5mm, with excellent protective properties against explosions and external attacks thanks to its high energy absorption capacity and resistance to fragment impact.

Its tensile strength and expansion capacity provides excellent consistency on the walls and roofs on which it is projected. Its rapid application and easy in situ repair make it ideal for use in temporary military installations in combat zones, embassy buildings, police stations, military barracks and all other sites requiring special security measures helping to protect the inhabitants from high velocity fragments in the event of an explosion.



An external explosion will break the wall and loose material will be projected inwards causing potential damage and injury to those inside.

blindaje poliurea



The same external explosion will again break the wall; however the polyurea membrane (min. 5mm) will ensure that material adheres to the structure thereby limiting the projection of fragments into the interior.

Blindaje de muros con poliurea