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Main SYSTEMS WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS Storage tanks and water cisterns

Storage tanks and water cisterns

With time and use tanks and water cisterns may develop leaks, especially as they are not normally constructed from a single piece. TECNOCOAT flexible systems allow interior waterproofing regardless of the type of material from which they are constructed or the liquid stored inside. (Check compatability in each case).

Furthermore TECNOCOAT holds a safety certificate for contact with food products and drinking water and an ETA certified guarantee for 25 years active use with a 2mm thick coating.

Construction or renovation of storage tanks

depósito de agua

The application of TECNOCOAT membrane provides perfect waterproofing and protection for storage tanks, both metal and stone, designed for practically all purposes (irrigation or drinking water, alcohol, chemical products, food storage etc.).




The surface should be initially prepared.


A primer resin will first be applied to ensure adhesion.


The TECNOCOAT membrane will then be applied directly over the primer. No additional finish coat will be required as TECNOCOAT holds a certificate for safe contact with both drinking water and alcohol.


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