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DESMOPOL DW is a two component liquid made up from 100% solids aromatic polyurethane, which once catalyzed forms a continuous elastic membrane, without any joints, overlapping or any integrated mesh needs. Its properties make it an excellent choice for achieving air-tightness and perfect waterproofing. It is applied manually, using a roller or brush.

DESMOPOL DW Technical Data sheet of DESMOPOL DW (.pdf)


Liquid polyurethane water based membrane, to waterproof or coating:

  • water tanks on concrete.

NOTE: call our technical department about the application to other supports or situations

recommended thickness ± 1,5~2 mm
dry time at 23ºC ± 5~6 hours
elongation at break at 23ºC >100%
tensile strength at 23ºC ± 8 MPa
application methods By roll, brush
coats 2 coats by roll or brush to achieve the recommended thickness